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Watering Succulents 101

The most important part of succulent care is...Only water the plants when the soil is completely dry!  If the soil has any moisture, do not water them at all.  If it takes 2 weeks for the soil to dry out then water in 2 weeks, if it takes 2 days then water in 2 days. This is 90% of proper succulent care.  When you water your plants be sure they are being watered in the evening or late afternoon after the sun has mostly gone down.  Succulents best absorb water and nutrients from the soil during their rest period (which is in the evening).  Also, water acts as a magnifier and will certainly help burn your plants if they are watered in the morning or during the day.  Succulents need excellent drainage.  If a succulent is being potted in a container with no drainage it is important to know they should be watered sparingly.  Anything more will kill the plant!  With that said we do need to address under-watering.  Succulents prefer generous water during their growing season (Spring and Summer).  An under-watered succulent will show signs of stress with drooping or withered looking leaves.  The leaves can also start to develop brown spots.  A good watering will plump the leaves right up.  There are few extra tips on watering that should be remembered.  Succulents do not like to be misted.  Misting Succulents or Cacti will cause rot and fungal diseases.  Succulents are not house plants or flowers.  Just because you think you are being nice by watering your succulents consistently, you aren't.  It is likely you will kill the plant.  Misting succulents and cacti does them no good.  They need to be watered thoroughly when the soil is dry so that the water reaches the entire root system, then they need to dry out.  Misting these plants does not get water to their roots and causes humidity.  Humidity is disastrous for succulents or cacti.  Succulents and cacti are supposed to be the plants that give you a break!

  • Jessica DeGennaro

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