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  • Succulent Leaf Propagation
  • Jessica DeGennaro

Succulent Leaf Propagation

Succulent propagation is a fun and easy project for anyone interested in creating new additions to your plant family without spending a single penny.  This process can be one of the most fun and exciting steps when working with succulent plants not to mention purely fascinating . Whether treating plants in rough shape or simply interested in spawning fresh plants with what you already have, leaf cuttings are super easy to work with and if done right will turn out beautiful time and time again. 

 Once you pick the plant you would like to propagate gently remove a leaf using a twist like motion. Make sure to pull off the entire leaf including the little nub where it is attached to the stem. A perfect leaf will have a U like shape on the end after pulling it off. If your leaf cutting is not perfect do not worry, we have grown plenty of new plants from less than perfect cuttings however the best leaves will typically give the best results. 

Take the removed leaf cuttings and set them on a paper towel to dry out. You want the ends of the leaf cuttings to dry out and scab over before planting them. If the end of the leaf is not dried out they will absorb too much water and will rot. If they look a little wilted or distressed do not worry this is normal. 

After the leaves are dried out set them into a shallow bed of soil. You can either set the leafs into the surface of the soil or lay them horizontally onto the soil's surface. We recommend using potting soil specifically formulated for succulents or cactus when propagating.

Place them in bright indirect sunlight and mist the leaves a few times a week. Within a few weeks the roots should begin to grow followed by little baby plants.

Carefully remove the leaf from the new plant once it is at least a half inch in length. Take the new plant out of the soil without disturbing the roots too much and place it in its own pot. Congratulations on your new succulent! 

  • Jessica DeGennaro

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